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Infobip is a global leader in cloud communications, providing innovative technology and services to businesses of any size in the Philippines. With more than 15 years of experience in the telecommunications sector, Infobip offers a wide range of solutions that enable organizations to communicate with their customers across all channels, from SMS to WhatsApp, regardless of the device or the location.

From quick customer service to driving sales and marketing campaigns, Infobip provides innovative technology to help businesses engage with customers how, when, and wherever they want. Its market-leading omnichannel platform enables businesses to easily design, execute, and measure campaigns across multiple channels. Infobip works with some of the largest Filipino companies and provides a secure and robust system for large-scale, mission-critical communication needs.

Infobip is committed to creating an entirely connected and empowered world, and to that end, they have partnered with public and private sector organizations in the Philippines to provide solutions that enable digital transformation. They are also actively involved in research and development initiatives in the telecommunications sector. Infobip is committed to providing the highest quality services and solutions to the Philippines, and to continuously improving the customer experience.