JG Summit Olefins Corporation (JGSOC) is a pioneer in the petrochemical industry in the Philippines, with its fully integrated manufacturing complex in Batangas City. Previously there were two subsidiaries, JG Summit Petrochemical Corporation (JGSPC) established in 1994, which operated the polymer facilities, and JGSOC established in 2008, which operates the naphtha cracker plant. These two companies were collectively known as the JG Summit Petrochemicals Group (JGSPG). As of January 1, 2022, the two companies have been merged to a single corporate entity, with JGSOC as the surviving entity of the merger.

JGSOC operates the first and only naphtha cracker plant in the country, which produces the olefin raw materials ethylene and propylene used as feedstock by the downstream polymer plants. The cracker’s products also include pyrolysis gasoline or ‘pygas’ and mixed C4, which are in turn the raw materials to produce C4 olefins and aromatics products from its butadiene and aromatics extraction plants, respectively.

The naphtha cracker plant started commercial operations in 2014 and employs proprietary Lummus Technology. The cracker was initially built to produce 320 Kilo Tons per Annum (KTA) of polymer-grade ethylene and 190 KTA of polymer-grade propylene. After its expansion was completed in 2020, the naphtha cracker can now produce 480 KTA of polymer-grade ethylene, 240 KTA of polymer-grade propylene, 180 KTA of mixed C4, and 250 KTA of pygas.

The olefin raw materials ethylene and propylene are used as feedstock for the downstream polymer plants to produce polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). As the largest manufacturer of polyolefins in the Philippines, JGSOC currently has production capacities of 320 kilo tons per annum (kTA) for PE and 190 kTA for PP. The current polyolefins manufacturing processes are based on UNIPOL™ PE and PP Process Technology licensed from Univation Technologies, LLC for the PE Process, and from W.R. Grace & Co. for the PP Process. JGSOC markets its world-class quality PE and PP resins under the brand name EVALENE® which is a dominant player in the local resins market and is likewise distributed in more than 30 countries all over the world.

The cracker’s two other products, pygas and mixed C4, likewise undergo further extraction in respective downstream facilities to produce intermediate petrochemical derivatives. A new aromatics extraction unit, which started operations in 2021, produces benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes and mixed aromatics using the cracker’s pygas as feed. The unit’s rated production capacity is around 90 KTA of benzene, 50 KTA of toluene, 30 KTA of mixed xylenes and 20 KTA of mixed aromatics. It is the first aromatics extraction plant in the Philippines to use GT-BTX® technology from Sulzer GTC.

Currently ongoing commissioning is the first and only butadiene extraction unit in the Philippines, which JGSOC will operate using BASF Process licensed from Lummus Technology. This facility processes mixed C4 from the naphtha cracker to produce butadiene and raffinate-1. This new butadiene extraction plant will have a production capacity of 70 KTA of butadiene and 110 KTA of raffinate-1.

JGSOC adheres to an Integrated Management System which encompasses the Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2015, the Environmental Management System under ISO 14001:2015, and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System under ISO 45001:2018.

Office Address: 9F Unit B Robinsons Cyberscape Gamma Bldg. Topaz and Ruby Roads

San Antonio 1605 City of Pasig NCR, Second District Philippines

Trunk line: +632 8 230 5000 / +632 8 397 3200

Plant Site: Barangay Simlong, Batangas City, Philippines 4200

Trunk Line: +63 43 740 5600

Website: www.jgspetrochem.com

Industry Oil / Gas / Petroleum
Registration No.: PHMDINV/220128402
Company Size: 1001 - 2000 Employees
Average Processing Time: 15 days
Industry: Oil / Gas / Petroleum
Benefits & Others: Medical, Loans, Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays, Business (e.g. Shirts), Life Insurance, HMO, Leaves, Rice/Medicine Subsidy, OT/MTA, Shuttle Service
Specific Location: Simlong, Batangas City

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