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OLYMPIC VILLAGE UNITED consists of a number of corporations that collectively own the chain of ath-leisure stores doing business under the names of Olympic Village, Olympic Gold, Olympic World, Olympic Outlet, Hall of Fame, Little Olympics, Olympic.com, and The Great Olympic Sale.OLYMPIC VILLAGE UNITED is 100% Philippine-owned and registered.It started in 1991 to engage in the retail and distribution of sports and leisure goods.

It opened its first store on December 12, 1991, in Park Square I, Ayala Center, and Makati City.Today, OLYMPIC VILLAGE UNITED owns and operates eighteen stores nationwide:seventeen (17) trading under the name of Olympic Village, five (5) under Olympic Village Fitness; two (2) under Olympic World, five (5) under Olympic Outlet, and one (1) under Olympic Gold. From time to time, it holds promotional sale events under the banner The Great Olympic Sale.

OLYMPIC VILLAGE UNITED has been the pioneer in retail entertainment in the Philippine retail scene.It continues to reinvent itself into bringing the highest standards of business management and operations to the store level and taking it to the next level of retail excellence

1.1.VISION-MISSION:OLYMPIC VILLAGE UNITED aims to become the country’s leading chain of retail stores, specializing in sports and leisure goods, with a good reputation founded on selling authentic, genuine, and high-quality merchandise at the best value, empowered by a team of highly motivated and results-oriented professionals, committed to provide all its customers with courteous, efficient service, maximizing its market share and attaining optimum results for its shareholders.

1.2.CORE VALUES:OLYMPIC VILLAGE UNITED stands by its products and ensures that customers get a uniquely pleasant shopping experience at any OLYMPIC VILLAGE UNITED store.The essential and enduring tenets of OLYMPIC VILLAGE UNITED; its core values can be spelled out as C-H-I-E-F:Commitment, Honesty, Integrity, Excellence, and Fairness.

Industry Retail / Merchandise
Registration No.: 000-838-264
Company Size: 501 - 1000 Employees
Average Processing Time: 11 days
Industry: Retail / Merchandise
Benefits & Others: Dental, Medical, Loans, Regular hours, Mondays - Fridays, Incentive Package, Yearly Appraisal, SL & VL, Progressive Career & Development, Head Office - Smart Casual, Store - Uniform
Specific Location: Cebu City

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