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About Revolve:

Revolve is an e-commerce, premium lifestyle brand that caters to Millennial and Gen-Z consumers. We solely operate online, and do not have any physical store locations, beside the occasional pop-up. We offer over 49,000 products on our website that range from clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty, and most recently men’s wear.

We are also very active on our social media platforms and work with a lot of celebrities and influencers, which is the basis for our marketing strategy and is what has contributed to our success and growth over the years. If you take a look at our social media,I think you will get a good idea of our branding, as wellthat will become very evident pretty quickly!

Industry Apparel
Company Size: 1001 - 2000 Employees
Average Processing Time: 1 day
Industry: Apparel
Benefits & Others: Miscellaneous allowance, Medical
Specific Location: Lipa